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College Stores

College Stores


Feb. 22-26, 2019
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, TX
Pre-Conference Events: Feb. 21
Education: Feb. 22-23
Trade Show Dates: Feb. 24-26




The engaging, results-oriented educational program will keep you current on industry practices and apprised of emerging trends. It consists of a variety of formats to fit your learning style. The program is organized into four industry competency areas in college store operations:

  • Store Leadership and Strategy
  • Practical Store Operations
  • Buying, Merchandising, and Marketing
  • The Course Materials eXperience (CM-X)

In addition to the Camex Educational Sessions, MI Presented on the Trade Show Floor in 2018:

Transforming Book Stores into Campus Stores - How to Compete in the New Age of Campus Retail

Trade Show

From apparel to tech products, convenience items to gifts, more than 90 product categories targeted to the campus student consumer can be found at CAMEX. Buying and saving are goals during the three-day show—nearly 90% of CAMEX attendees take advantage of exhibitors' Show Specials.

The Industry and NACS

Campus stores are a strong, dynamic segment of U.S. retail earning $10 billion annually. Headquartered in Oberlin, OH, the National Association of College Stores (NACS) is the professional trade association representing the $10 billion collegiate retailing industry. Led by a dedicated group of elected volunteers, NACS serves as the industry's leading resource and advocate.From apparel to pencils, candy to temporary tattoos, the CAMEX trade show features items in more than 90 product categories targeted to the college student consumer.

Why Merchandise Inc.?

Unlike other wholesalers serving this market, Merchandise Inc. offers several unique advantages over other aspiring participants, including:

  • Merchandise Inc. is a national distributor, currently serving College Bookstores in almost every state.
  • Merchandise Inc. has hired ICS, International Collegiate Sales, to represent us in this market. ICS has 19 full-time representatives making personal sales & service calls to College Bookstores nationwide. They are widely regarded as the premier rep group serving this industry. After over 20 years of bringing products and marketing expertise to this unique market, ICS remains committed to reinforcing its established relationships while looking to forge additional bonds between its college bookstore customers and the companies it represents. Find YOUR ICS Rep:
  • Merchandise Inc. also enjoys preferred vendor status with other College Bookstore co-op groups, including: Wisconsin Area College Stores (WACS), Ohio Assoc of College Stores (OACS), ICBA, Alabama Association of College Stores(ACBA), and Georgia Association of College Stores (GACS).

Camex 2018 Images




What can MI do for YOU?

Allow MI to customize a program for your size college store.

Our experienced Customer Service Specialist, Mary Baird, is prepared to assist you in everything from ordering options to the selection and placement of items. Now's the time to Diversify - give your students items they need! According to the 2011 Collegiate Market Watch survey, "Personal care items, such as deodorant, toothpaste, hair care and bath items were indicated by the largest percentage of students (58%) as items they plan to purchase." Don't turn your back on 58% of your student's needs!


These CUSTOM PLANOGRAMS have been prepared especially for College Stores by our team of expert planogram designers. Planograms have only proven College Store items. Please note that these planograms will change as we update them for the most current best-selling mix. If you need help with Planograms for ANY category or size department, please CONTACT US.

New for College Stores

Andalou Naturals – these certifications say it all!

MI now stocks this quality line of Andalou Natural products including: Instant Mask Pods - Fruit stem cell complex, turmeric, and french clay instantly nourish and energize to illuminate tone and help smooth texture for an uplifted appearance and a soft, luminous complexion. Instant Mask Sheets – Fruit Stem Cell Science®, Tamarind, and Vitamin C instantly begin to lighten, tighten, and brighten by targeting UV sun damage and activating collagen and elastin for a smooth, luminous complexion. Micellar One Step Cleansing “Swipes” – Saturated with micellar cleansing water for instant refreshment, these soft towelettes gently remove make-up and impurities with one swipe. No harsh rubbing, drying or irritating chemicals, just clean and refreshed skin without rinsing. Natural Fiber Towelettes: Silky soft, non-woven, pure cellulose fiber. Eco-Friendly, USDA Certified BioPreferred, Verified Non-GMO, Biodegradable, and Compostable.

Ardell Magnetic Lashes and Accents – Ardell has created the ultimate false lashes! With their patent-pending micro-magnetic technology, these lashes are applied in seconds. And, they come off without any remover or even water. Best of all – they are re-usable!

Badger BalmsTinted Lip Balm: Badger’s totally natural Tinted Lip Balms contain organic lip balm base with minerals for color and sparkle. Tattoo Balm: Dry skin is the enemy of new or existing body art. Badger's Tattoo Balm with moisturizing Coconut and Tamanu oil will help keep your skin soft and smooth and your ink bold and vibrant! Other products include sunscreens, lip balms, moisturizers, muscle rubs and other personal care products. Good Stuff, Fresh From Badger! Natural AND Organic body care products. Check out these certifications! Available now from MI.

Blossom Infused – Roll-on Lip Gloss: Fresh fragrant lip gloss that smells as great as it looks! Unique formula containing mineral oil for super-soft results. Each flavor is infused with natural dried flowers for a light floral scent. Rolls on clear for a subtle shine and comes in a variety of delicious flavors. Made in USA. Roll-on Perfume Oil: Blossom perfume oil is infused with real flowers blended with nurturing Jojoba seed oil. Housed in a sleek rollerball glass bottle, this luxe floral perfume oil looks as pretty as it smells. Perfect for applying on your pulse points anytime for subtle scent. Made in USA. Cuticle Oil: Blossom cuticle oil softens, hydrates and repairs cuticles. Contains nourishing essential oils and a fresh floral scent. Housed in our best selling round glass bottle. Our unique scents are available in 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce bottle. Made in USA. Sheer Hydrating Crystal Lip Balm: This beautiful lip balm is infused with real flowers for a look that is truly unique. The colorless lip balm hydrates without feeling greasy.

CeraVe Skin Care - CeraVe: Replenish. Restore. Retain. All CeraVe products contain the essential ceramides healthy skin needs to help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier. Check out our complete selection!

eos Skin Careeos Shave Cream: now available in two skin-friendly formulas - Sensitive and Dry Skin - for a super smooth shave. These new formulas are enriched with soothing natural ingredients, like coconut oil and aloe, along with deeply moisturizing lavender and mango butters. For a clean, protected shave and silky smooth skin. Still available from MI in four flavors, eos Ultra Moisturizing Shaving Cream packed with shea butter, nourishing vitamins and green tea and grape seed extracts for 24 hours of skin-softening moisture. Plus, it’s enriched with aloe and oat extract allowing you to shave wet or dry without having to worry about nicks or razor bumps.  eos Lip Balms: NEW Hydration is smooth on deep hydration while delighting in the buttery softness of a neutral-flavor lip balm. Crystal Lip Balm – Hibiscus Peach & Vanilla Orchid:  What does weightless hydration feel like? Like nothing. Zip. Like air. Meet new eos Crystal lip balm. Crystal is formulated with a blend of 5 nourishing natural oils to hydrate lips without the heavy feel of wax. The only lip balm that works as good as it looks.

Every Man Jack – The men's personal care market is expected to grow with young men leading this growth. Skin care and shaving products are expected to have the highest market upsurge. EVERY MAN JACK makes a complete line of simple and very affordable men's grooming products. EVERY MAN JACK gives you exceptional performance using many naturally derived ingredients. No parabens, no phthalates, no dyes, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. Hair: Whether you're the kind of guy who spends a little time styling his hair, or the guy who just towels it dry and heads out the door, you'll appreciate EVERY MAN JACK hair products for what they are. And just as importantly, for what they're not. Body: EVERY MAN JACK makes body bars and body wash to help you get a clean start on each day. Skin: Whether it's cleansing, clearing, hydrating or protecting, EVERY MAN JACK has simple, affordable solutions that get the job done. Shave: EVERY MAN JACK products bring you one step closer to shaving perfection. Our pre-shave gently cleans and preps your skin. Shave cream and shave gels comfort and protect. And our face lotion heals and moisturizes.

Healing Solutions Essential Oils – Healing Solutions uses only 100% PURE, unadulterated oils. They employ a full time scientist to test all oils for purity in-house with a state of the art GCMS laboratory. Essential oils are used for Massage – mixed with a carrier oil to make a custom scented message oil, Diffusion – add a few drops to water and freshen up a room, and Aromatherapy – many essential oils can have a direct impact on the body and mind. Purity Guaranteed! Now available in Organic – USDA Certified. Click here for an Aromatherapy Guide.

Swiffer and GainSwiffer WetJet Refill Pad: This pad is the needed accessory to Swiffer WetJet Floor Spray Mop. It gives you a great clean on virtually any floor in your home. With a unique dual-nozzle sprayer, this all-in-one mopping system breaks up and dissolves tough messes for a powerful clean. Its cleaning solution loosens dirt and lifts it off the floor, pulling dirt and grime into the WetJet pad and locking it away for good. Gain Fabric Softener Liquid Island Fresh: helps make your clothing softer while it decreases static and adds more amazing Gain scent. Regular washer and HE compatible. Each sniff of Gain Island fresh liquid fabric softener rejuvenates you like a vacation on a beautiful remote tropical island. Dawn Ultra Original: Dawn® Ultra has 3X MORE Grease Cleaning Power per drop, so you can get through more dishes with less. No matter what you've got cooking in the kitchen, Dawn dishwashing liquid will leave your dishes squeaky clean every time. Tide Liquid Simply Clean: Experience the right clean at just the right price with Tide Simply Clean and Fresh. It has 2X the Baking Soda Power to target tough odors deep in the fibers of your clothes. You only need one dose per load and there's no pretreating necessary. As part of the Tide family, you can expect a consistent, quality clean from Tide. Bounty Essentials Paper Towels: Bargain-brand paper towels letting you down? Bounty Essentials is the deal that holds up. Bounty Essentials are white full sheet paper towels that are strong enough to handle life’s everyday spills and messes, and are affordably priced.

Wet Brush -  Original: Wet Brush® Original effortlessly untangles wet or dry Hair w/ No Pain & No Pulling! Safe, Easy & Pain-Free. For centuries, people have been tearing their hair out trying to find a better way to untangle it. Then the miraculous Wet Brush was invented. With its unique IntelliFlex™ bristles, the Wet Brush runs effortlessly through hair, detangling without pulling or tugging. There’s no pain, no tears–whether the hair is wet from the shower or dry; curly or straight; thick or fine. Wet Brush Babies: With cute giraffes or lions, your baby won’t cry when it’s time to detangle! Wet Brush Happy Hair: Happy Hair means no more tugging, pulling or ripping of hair: Happy Hair brushes will not cause split ends or hair loss and works great on men, women and kids. Wet Brush Shine: These bristles will glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly. It can be used on wet or dry hair and works on extensions and wigs. The magic lies in the combination of natural premium cut Mongolia boar bristles integrated with intelliflex bristles that detangle your hair with boar bristles that will extract impurities and boost circulation. Boar bristles will spread natural hair oils leaving you with healthier shiny hair and are heat resistant and blow dryer friendly. Ideal for finishing brush on all hair types. Wet Brush Speed Dry: Intelliflex bristles resist heat up to 450 degrees. Open vented design speeds drying time by up to 30 percent. Wet Brush Squirt: Petite sized, Squirt fits easily into your purse, it's also great for kids!

Mary Baird, College Store Sales / Service Specialist

Mary understands the unique nature of the College Stores and is dedicated to assisting in the selection, ordering, and displaying of the right items for YOUR store. Call or email her today, and see what she can do for YOU!

Mary Baird
Phone: 513-353-2200x122

Check out our ad in College Store Magazine!

"Hot Stuff Guide"

Please view the photos of Virginia Tech College Store and University of Virginia College Store before and after to see exactly what MI can do for YOUR store!


  • CAMEX delivers campus store buyers who WANT to buy.
  • $30,215 is the average total spending per store at CAMEX.
  • 80% of stores take advantage of vendors' trade show specials.
  • 58% estimate they place POs valued between $5,000 & $100,000+ within 60 days after CAMEX. This means access to future orders!
  • Campus store buyers want to buy AT CAMEX.
  • 98% feel products are relevant to their purchasing needs.
  • 95% say CAMEX is an excellent way to gather information on new products/services.
  • 92% say the trade show is highly valuable to their organization.
  • CAMEX offers ACCESS to BUYERS.
  • 75% of stores attending have an approximate annual sales volume of $1 million or more.
  • 76% of attendees are from institutionally owned or private stores.
  • At CAMEX, you are dealing with the decision maker.
At this event, Merchandise Inc. will be offering Health & Beauty Care Products, Cosmetics, and General Merchandise to the nation's College Bookstores. This market is HUGE, with over 17 million students, and over $10 billion in annual sales. Not only is this market enormous, but it reaches one the most desirable demographic groups - 17-22 year old men & women. This group is establishing buying patterns for the first time, which may continue for a lifetime.


If your company is interested in partnering with MI to reach this vast market via the Camex trade show, please contact us at 513-353-2200.




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